Aki Onda
Cassette Memories soundwalk
La Goutte d'Or

Saturday, June 2, 2012. 5:30PM
12, Rue d'Oran, 75018 Paris
inscriptions: infos@mu.asso.fr

Presented by: Birdcage.
Hosted and co-organized by: Collectif MU.

Aki Onda, who is known for his Cassette Memories project, will present a soundwalk in La Goutte d'Or neighborhood on June 2nd, 2012, as part of MU*X #5 (the 10 years celebration evening of Collectif MU).

Starting at 17:30 at MU's garage (12, Rue d'Oran, 75018 Paris), the artist and audience will walk around the area together.

The event will operate on the concept of a 90-minute audioscopic experience provided by Onda as he performs at several locations in La Goutte d'Or, with field recordings drawn from his personal archives.

The work is part of a site-specific performance series commissioned by Birdcage, which started in 2011 as the performance at the Cour Carrée of the Louvre. Aki Onda is a recipient of International Residencies Program, City of Paris / Institut français at Récollets.

The soundwalk is for a limited audience. Inscriptions: infos@mu.asso.fr


MU*X #5 full program here : http://mu.asso.fr/NewsletterMU/invitmux/invitmux.html

Special thanks to: Collectif MU, Jean-François Pauvros and Thierry de Lavau of Campus Studio, Eric Cordier, Yasuhiro Morinaga, Francesco Demichelis, Céline Prunneaux, Sandrine Marc, Fabrizia Maselli.