Birdcage: Zeedijk
by dj sniff

Featuring: Audrey Chen (US), Wun Thong (AU), Byungjun Kwon (KR/NL),
Iven Chen-Van Dyk (US) and dj sniff (JP/NL)
Curated by: Daniele Balit and Mathias Geoffroy
Location: Toko Dun Yong store front, Zeedijk 88, Amsterdam
Date: July 4, 2009

video documentation

Video by Vivian Wenli Lin. Appeared on CRTV, July 2009.

the photos show the preparation of the performance at the Toko Dun Yong store front in Zeedijk St., including the stage construction, the sound check and the actual two sets of the concert.