News for Tomorrow
by Yan Jun

Beijing Youth Weekly editorial office
8A, Julong Garden, Xinzhongjie, Beijing
October 9th – Novembre 13th
Monday – Friday, 11 am – 2 pm

curated by: Daniele Balit
contact and info: tel. 0086-10-13810315778 or mail
production: Vision Forum

News For Tomorrow is a commissioned piece by Beijing-based artist Yan Jun for
the Birdcage itinerant sound gallery. The artist picked one of the desks in the editorial office of Beijing Youth Weekly and placed recording devices, mp3 players and cassette walkman in it. The devices either reproduce the interview recordings of the magazine’s editorial staff, or record the soundscape of the office, which will be simultaneously played and processed in real time through headphones while creating feedback noise.

The staff and writers of Beijing Youth Weekly, the people who go to the magazine’s office for business purposes, and the friends and relatives of the above mentioned are the only people allowed to experience the piece, using the headphones displaced in the office.

After Stockholm with Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Amsterdam with dj sniff,
Yan Jun's News For Tomorrow introduces the third Birdcage episode. The piece is also part of “The Invisible Generation” programme of art interventions in the cities of Melbourne, Beijing, Shenzhen and Kiev and will be exhibited, as a replica, at Blank / Beijing Zhongjian Gallery from the 24th of October 2009.


Yan Jun (born in Lanzhou in 1973, now based in Beijing) explores the realm of sound and language using different tools as feedback noise, drone sound, voice, field recording, site-specific sound installation, impro music, environmental sound, writing, publishing and curating. He's the founder of Sub Jam and of its sub-label Kwan Yin Records. He runs a weekly event in Beijing called Waterland Kwanyin and organizes the annual festival Mini Midi since 2005.He has published 5 essay collections about Chinese new music and 3 poetry collections.