question: what do you have in these drawers?
answer: as you heard from the white earphones, some mp3 players are playing interview recordings which you and your colleagues did. 3 cassette recorders are running in record mode so you heard sounds of this room from earphones plugged to them. when the earphone(s) been moved close to the recorder(s) you hear the feedback noise. in short, some small sounds about this room and people who work in this room.

question: why you choose her table? my one looks also nice!
answer: i didn't choose. i just went to the most familiar one and started the experiment and i felt good.

question: you said you will play a small concert for us. but we'd like to be invited to a dinner?
answer: this will be a vip concert as each time i only play for 1-4 audience. other people in this room will not been disturbed. i'd like to have dinner with you all but i should been invited by you. this is traditional, right? like musician plays music and audience pay for his food.

question: why you keep all the cables outside of the drawers?
answer: it looks natural in this messed-up room.

question: we are major media, why your friend write that we are "" in the announcement? we published more than 100,000 copies each issue!
answer: he doesn't know the style you have which is so different to western or western influenced media. they are professional and looks clean. i guess when he saw the pictures he thought "ok this is not a big media". anyway i hope you keep the working space unprofessional and mess-up forever.

question: is it an art exclusively for us who work in this room?
answer 1: no i have no reason to do that. i don't think it is art as well. i do some small sounds and they become to part of the environment. this makes me happy. maybe nothing was changed but i think now something is continued growing from it.
answer 2: i was a journalist. i have some interview recording as well. time changed them. they are alive whatever you play and listen to them or you keep them in drawer.
answer 3: we know each other but we don't familiar to each other. i hope this work gives us chance to know more about each other.